Seabrook won't play in postseason, admits his future is in limbo

2020 has been rough on the Blackhawks’ blue liner…

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Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook might have been look (finally) to a good news this summer, however, it did not come on Friday. The veteran player had to instead announce that he was unable to join his teammates in Edmonton and take part in the postseason, which kicks off in the qualifying round against the Oilers. 

He officially announced that he does not feel ready and won’t travel with the Blackhawks to Edmonton. Seabrook, who underwent surgery on his shoulder in December before undergoing surgery on both of his hips earlier this year, was hoping to get up to speed during his team’s training camp, but he’s evidently not comfortable enough to jump back into game action.

To make things worse, he even admitted that his future in the NHL could be in jeopardy, seeing that many injuries are still issues today, when he does daily things at the house. He explained how his back is also hurting him, even affected him sitting on the toilet. 

“That’s been going on 5 or 10 years.”

The 35 year old blue liner had already shown a significant decline in his on ice performance and when you add 3 big surgeries on top of that the future seemed very bleak indeed. That is why I was stunned to learn earlier this month that Seabrook was indeed going to return to the Blackhawks, and even more surprised when I learned that he planned to be on the ice for the start of training camp back on the 13th of July. He did try all he could to make it back on the roster. 

Now, for the future, even Seabrook appears unsure, but wants to remain a part of the Blackhawks and hopes to do better at next season’s camp.

“A lot of people want to make a lot of my contract and my age, and I think if given the opportunity and [I’m] feeling like a big part of the team on the ice, I’ve got lots left… I’m looking forward to camp next year.
“I don’t know where my place is here with the Blackhawks. That’s a question for Stan and Jeremy. As far as the NHL goes, I know I can be an impact player on a hockey club.”

Interesting answer… we will have to see what happens next for Seabrook. For now, he needs to get better.