Sean Avery arraigned in court, facing jail time.

Avery in legal trouble.

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One of the National Hockey League's most notorious characters is once again back in the headlines, but unfortunately for himself it is for all of the wrong reasons.

According to a report from Page Six news notorious former National Hockey League forward Sean Avery found himself in court in Manhattan on Monday. Avery was there facing charges stemming from an incident in which he is accused of bashing a car that was blocking a bike lane in Greenwich Village. What makes this story rather amusing is that he bashed into the scar with a scooter, and what makes it even more hilarious is that it sounds like Avery did so deliberately and out of frustration. 

The report from Page Six indicates that this is not the first time Avery has caused trouble in this regard, and in fact it sounds like he is a strong proponent for the protection of bike lanes in the city and has picked fights with several drivers in the past. Avery reportedly has a special disdain for drivers who block the bike lanes, and it sounds like that may have been at the core of the issue surrounding this case as well.

“If I need to be the poster boy for defending the bike lanes, I will absolutely do that,” said the notorious NHL agitator as per The Post. “We need to be able to just bike in freedom.”

This is no laughing matter however. Although I find it extremely unlikely that a man of Avery's profile and wealth will earn much more than a slap on the wrist here, he does face up to a year in jail as a result of these charges. Avery faces one count of criminal mischief for allegedly hitting the vehicle and he is due back in court on July 5th so it may not be too long before we learn what his fate will be in this matter. 

Avery of course has never been a stranger to controversy, in fact it defined his short career in the National Hockey League. From insulting the girlfriends and wives of rival players to reportedly alienating even his own teammates with his attitude, no one that has followed Avery's career will be surprised by today's development.