Sean Avery calls out Connor McDavid and the Oilers.

Sean Avery calls out Connor McDavid and the Oilers.

The former National Hockey League agitator is once again stirring the pot by calling out McDavid and the Oilers.

Jonathan Larivee

Former National Hockey League agitator Sean Avery has been keeping an eye on the happenings in the NHL this season and has been quick to criticize players when he feels they are failing to deliver on expectations.

The latest player to be the target of Avery's ire is Edmonton Oilers forward Connor McDavid, who on the weekend was on the receiving end of a few barbs from the infamous Avery. McDavid wasn't alone however with several of his Oilers teammates also catching flak from Avery, including Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl and Oilers defenseman Darnell Nurse.

"Houston we have a problem, but the problem is not in Houston it's in Edmonton," said Avery on Friday. "Who is gonna fix the problem in Edmonton?"

Avery was critical of those attempting to lay blame at the feet of Jay Woodcroft, arguing that firing Woodcroft would accomplish nothing.

"What do you want?" asked an incredulous Avery. "You wanna fire the coach tell him to go get a tan somewhere? Send him to Cancun to recharge? Pay him for not coaching? You wanna blame Kenny Holland? Or do you just wanna say the buck stops with the big boys?"

Avery then proceeded to call out the Oilers' highest paid players on by one.

"Darnell Nurse makes $9 million buck a year," said Avery. "High and hard off the glass, come on. Nick Lidstrom made $9 million bucks a year. Nick Lidstrom, one of the greatest defensemen to ever play in the NHL

"You got Connor McDavid at $12.5 million, Leon's at 9 and he doesn't even want to answer questions and Connor looks like he's aged 30 years," said Avery. "Fresh faced baby Connor McDavid, remember him? I don't. That's because he's been through the goddamn meat grinder of the Canadian media."

The brunt of Avery's ire for the Oilers however was reserved for the captain.

"But you gotta show up and you gotta play and you gotta win games, otherwise they are gonna turn on you," said Avery of McDavid. "And I don't ever wanna see a video of you crying because you're about to put an L.A. Kings jersey on, we want you to win a Stanley Cup. Oh and by the way, before Wayne left he won 4."

You can hear Avery's full comments on the Oilers in the short clip below: