Sean Avery claims he can join the Leafs and outperform Ryan Reaves!

The former NHL pest believes he’d do better in Toronto:



The Toronto Maple Leafs added impressive grit and power up front this offseason, adding Ryan Reaves, Max Domi, and Tyler Bertuzzi to their roster.

But former NHL pest Sean Avery, who recenlty had a cameo in the summer blockbuster Oppenheimer, isn’t impressed. He actually believes that adding on Reaves was a mistake, and takes it up a notch, saying he would be better in the Maple Leafs’ lineup than the newly acquired enforcer.

“Mark my words, the Reavo [Reaves] thing’s going to turn into a sideshow.”

He added: “I think he turns it into a too much of a him show. Just come into camp, bang [expletive] bodies, beat some people up. Become like a legend that way.”

When it came to what Avery could bring to the Maple Leafs this upcoming season, the pest explained how he only needs an 8-week notice to crack the roster and outperform Reaves. He says he is currently in the best shape of his life, practicing  jiu-jitsu and could rejoin the NHL. 

Avery explained how he regularly with Leafs President Brendan Shanahan —his former teammate, which may get some fans worried…

But come on. This isn’t the first time Avery calls out a current NHL player or attempts a comeback in the big league. Let’s just say that’s some questionable acting by Avery, here again.

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