Sean Avery demands that Mike Milbury be fired from NBC in epic rant!

He’s roasting Milbury while holding a baby!

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During last night’s tremendous first game of the Columbus Blue Jackets and Tampa Bay Ligthning’s series, NBC analyst Mike Milbury had another one of his moronic ideas when he called for the two teams to finish things off with a shootout… or 4 on 4.

Fans could not believe Milbury’s suggestion and called him out on social media. Amongst them were former NHL pest Sean Avery, who couldn’t help but roast Milbury in a series of Instagram stories, while watching the game and holding a baby. 

While that’s already great, Avery went on to demand that NBC fire Milbury for his comments. 

“It’s sudden death overtime, bozo, Mike. It’s playoff hockey!”

We wonder when NBC Sports is going to realize that Milbury is one lazy ass analyst that needs to be fired to make room for the great panel of experts they have, like former forward Patrick Sharp. 

When the Stanley Cup is on the line though you don’t mess with five on five hockey. It’s the way the game is supposed to be played. Period. 

And Sean Avery was quite clear about it!