Sean Avery issues grim warning to Connor McDavid

Avery pulling no punches once again!



The Edmonton Oilers entered the 2023-24 season viewed as legitimate Stanley Cup contenders, but their start to the campaign would make a rudimentary hockey follower think that they were beginning a tanking year. 

Following their latest loss last night to the San Jose Sharks, who had only won a single game all year and were coming off the heels of back to back losses in which they surrendered ten goals, the Oilers are now tied for last place overall in the NHL with the aforementioned Sharks. 

Struggling goaltender Jack Campbell has already been demoted to the American Hockey League, while GM Ken Holland has come under intense fire for not doing more to shore up the goaltending and defense while also holding on to coach Jay Woodcroft as of the time of this text. 

Never one to speak his mind, former NHL forward Sean Avery is offering his assessment of the brutal situation in Edmonton.

"Houston, we have a problem," he said in his latest media podcast. "But the problem is not in Houston, it's in Edmonton. Who's going to fix the problem? What do you want, to fire the coach and tell him to go get a tan somewhere? Send him to Cancun and recharge? Pay him to not coach? Blame Kenny Holland? Or do you want to just say that the buck stops with the big boys

Darnell Nurse makes $9 million a year. High and hard off the glass? Come on. Nick Lidstrom made $9 million a year, one of the greatest defenseman ever to play the game in the NHL. You got Connor McDavid at $12.5 million, Leon at $9 million and he doesn't even want to answer questions, and Connor looks like he's aged 30 years. 

He's been through the god damn meat grinder of the Canadian media. And by the way, that's the job when you're the big superstar on the team. When you're the best player in the world and make $12.5 million a year, you gotta answer the bell." 

Avery then looked straight into the camera and issued the following warning to McDavid:

"You gotta win games - otherwise, they're gonna turn on you," he said. "And I don't ever want to see a video of you crying because you're about to put an LA Kings jersey on. We want you to win a Stanley Cup. And by the way, before Wayne left, he won four." 

Will McDavid and the Oilers be able to break out of their funk before it's too late? Or has that ship sailed already just one month into the season? 

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