Sean Avery reveals why his comeback failed.
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Sean Avery reveals why his comeback failed.

Avery shares his side of the story.

Jonathan Larivee

One of the most controversial players to play in the National Hockey League in the last decade was former NHL forward Sean Avery, probably best known for his time as a member of the New York Rangers organization. Although Avery was a serviceable player he truly made a name for himself as a pest or an agitator, so it came as somewhat of a surprise to many when he announced this week that he was staging a comeback to the world of professional hockey.

Even more surprising was the fact that Avery was actually signed by the ECHL's Orlando Solar Bears 10 years after he last played in the National Hockey League, something that appeared to give legitimacy to his claims of a comeback. On Friday however it was revealed that the Solar Bears would be cutting Avery from their roster before he even had the chance to play a game for them, seemingly putting an end to any talk of playing professional hockey again for the 41 year old forward.

It was an extremely bizarre development in what already had the makings of a rather bizarre comeback story, and up until this point no one has really provided an explanation about what exactly led to the decision to sign Avery and the subsequent decision to cut him just days later.

Avery however has never been known for keeping his thoughts to himself and over the weekend he took to his Instagram and revealed to his followers his reasons for why the deal with the Solar Bears did not work out. If you believe Avery's version of events it sounds very much like his current role as a father made it too difficult for him to play away from his young son for any length of time.

"I miss my little guy Nash too much," said Avery via a now deleted Instagram story. "I have to get back to California to see him."

By all accounts Avery does appear to be extremely devoted to his little boy, often posting pictures of the two of them together and even featuring him in the videos he publishes on his Instagram. Just two hours ago he shared yet another Instagram story in which he was back at home with little Nash and to be honest it sounds like he could not have been happier to be there.

Whether or not that is the real reason things did not work out with the Solar Bears is something that we may never truly get confirmation of.