Season stoppage proving to be a blessing in disguise for Steven Stamkos.

Stamkos actually wins here.

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For just about everyone the current health situation around the glove has been a major drag and that is no doubt also true for Tampa Bay Lightning star forward Steven Stamkos as well, but unlike most people Stamkos is looking at a major silver lining that is so good it might actually turn sudden pause on life around the world into a positive for him.

You see Stamkos' NHL season came to an end when he underwent core muscle surgery in the early days of March, a surgical procedure that had completely ruled him out of the remaining regular season games and one with a recovery period that would have forced him to miss at least part of the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs if not the entire thing. It was a devastating blow for the ultra competitive Lightning forward who was desperate for redemption in the playoffs after their shocking sweep at the hands of the Columbus Blue Jackets last season and Stamkos admitted as much recently.

"With the timing of all this, it was devastating at the beginning, because I thought I would be possibly missing some [Stanley Cup] Playoff games," Stamkos said as per

There was just simply no way that Stamkos could accelerate the recovery process but thankfully he didn't have to, the entire world slowed down for him instead. Now it appears as though Stamkos will in fact be ready to go when the NHL season resumes, and that will of course be tremendous blessing for him and for his team as well.

"And the stoppage happened, we didn't know how long it was going to be, so the kind of silver lining in that was I'll be ready when we resume," confirmed Stamkos.

"I've been able to still use this time to rehab," the Lightning captain said. "I've been going to the rink three times a week to skate, and just start feeling normal again. So I guess I have a chance to get out of the house and do that, obviously safely, with all the guidelines we have within our community."

To be clear no one here is suggesting that Stamkos is happy about the current health situation around the globe, but merely the fact that the timing of things have greatly worked out in his favor.