Seattle drops a big hint about their colors and their logo.

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No one really knows what the National Hockey League's newest franchise will be called or what colors they will be rocking on their jerseys, in fact all we know at this time is that the team will definitely be based out of Seattle. 

There have been a lot of rumors regarding the name of the franchise ranging from things like Kraken, Firebirds and Renegades all the way to more friendly sounding name like Totems, Evergreens or Emeralds but there has not been much discussion regarding their colors. As I am sure you can tell based on some of the choices for names there have been strong rumors suggesting that green or teal will play a big part in the organizations color scheme, but that may not be the case after all.

All the way back in December of 2018 National Hockey League insider David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period reported that the colors would in fact be very different. During a joint press conference between the Seattle ownership group and the National Hockey League a young girl was on stage wearing a Seattle jersey, and Pagnotta was led to believe that the red and black featured prominently on that jersey would be the teams primary colors. We have not heard anything in that regard since that report however, that is not until earlier this week.

The sharp eyed people over at Icethetics spotted some interesting developments regarding the Seattle franchise on social media this week when they noticed that the expansion team had begun to use a logo to close out the Youtube videos they have been using to market the team. What is so interesting about this placeholder logo from the Seattle franchise is that, once again, the colors red and black are the main focus of the logo.

That would certainly match the report from late last year by Pagnotta, and considering how far apart these two reports are it seems likely that this is indeed the direction Seattle is moving in. There's one more interesting little tidbit of information that was dropped by Icethetics regarding this latest development

"I have heard that black and red are the mix. The team has been considering a northwest native look, and their primary colors are black and red. Also a light teal or aquamarine as well. Could make for a unique look for Seattle."

Of the names I listed about only 2 would, in my opinion, fit the "northwest native" look that Icethetics has mentioned those being the Firebirds or the Renegades. It's not hard to see how black and red could fit both of those names, so we may be starting to narrow in on what the new Seattle franchise will be called, and what their colors will look like here.