Seattle pushes back the reveal of its team name!

What name should they pick now?

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Back in June, the Seattle team’s official webpage got a makeover with a unique red/mint green colour scheme. We feel like we are getting closer to know more about the 32nd NHL team and were expecting at least to know the team’s name before the start of the campaign…

However, the Seattle Times has revealed that fans will have to wait until mid season to get to know what the team will be called, reporting that an announcement has been pushed to the 2020 All Star Break. 

13 names that have been registered by the Oak View Group, the company that is currently renovating KeyArena to make it ready for the new NHL franchise.

Here is the list of 13:

* Rainiers
* Kraken
* Evergreens
* Seals
* Emeralds
* Sea Lions
* Sockeyes
* Whales
* Eagles
* Totems
* Cougars
* Firebirds
* Renegades

Back in 1917, when Seattle previously won the championship out of the Pacific Coast League, they were known as the Metropolitans. You can’t see the name in the list of registered names seeing that there is a division in the NHL that already goes by that name: it’s quite unlikely that the team will take on that name now…

Which one do you think they should pick when the announcement date rolls around in January?