Seattle’s NHL team drops majors hints at name and logo in sneak peek video

Official name to be revealed at 12pm ET!

Seattle’s NHL team drops majors hints at name and logo in sneak peek video

The NHL’s 32nd team has a name and hockey fans will FINALLY learn what it is when Seattle’s expansion franchise officially unveils their name and logo later today at a press conference scheduled for 9am PT.

In the meantime though, the team released a video to their social media channels that offers up some pretty big hints  as to what the team might be called. 

We’ll break it down, but first check out the video:

Okay... to me there are so many obvious hints that it makes it very easy to predict what this team will be called. First off, let's pull the curtain back a bit. Hockey Feed is a collaboration of writers from across North America but me personally, I'm located in the Pacific Northwest. I've been on my fair share of fishing boats throughout my life, specifically in and around Puget Sound in Washington State. The name is going to be the Seattle Sockeyes.

For those who don't know, a sockeye salmon is deep red fish with a green head that changes colours and form based on its life cycle. They're pretty cool creatures and they've supported an entire industry in the entire Pacific Northwest for well over 100 years. Why am I so sure the name will be sockeyes? Well... for one the actors are on a fishing boat. So there's that... 

Secondly though, look at the use of colours throughout the video. I see red and green everywhere. Go ahead, watch it again and see how these two colours are juxtiposed throughout the video. Add in the fact that the team has been using these colours on their website for awhile now and the name "Sockeyes" just jumps out at me.

Team colours:

In any case, the name will be officially unveiled at a press conference later today scheduled for 12pm ET / 9am PT.

Check it out:

Look... maybe I'm wrong and the name will be the Seattle SuperSonic Krakens, the Seattle Starbucks, the Seattle Grunge or something equally as awful but everything the Seattle group has done since they started dropping hints about a team name months ago points to the name being Sockeyes. Will I be wrong? Maybe... it sure as Hell wouldn't be the last time. But... this time I think I might be actually on to something. Stay tuned.