Seattle team’s senior adviser rules out one popular name for the expansion club!

That has caught people by surprise… we loved that name!

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Seattle is two years away from getting its NHL expansion franchise, however the excitement on the 32nd club coming to the city can be felt quite intensely. 

While ownership of the Seattle NHL franchise have also yet to reveal the team’s name, logo or color scheme, it seems like the team’s senior adviser Dave Tippett doesn’t want one contending name to be the one of his future club. He has ruled one name out.  

However, it seemed to have become one of the city’s favourite names, especially one that Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan had started to place here and there on her social media accounts. 


Tippett revealed in a surprising way on Tuesday, in an interview with The Athletic, that he does not believe Kraken will be the name of the 32nd team in the NHL. 

“I don’t think the Kraken is making the final cut and that’s the only one I have ruled out.
“The interesting things about a name is sometimes you think you like one and once you go through the whole branding of it, you think, “Maybe not so much” with some you liked at first. Some are OK and then there are some that surprise you and you think, “Well, maybe.”’

Until a name is official, we can only continue to guess what it will be, however, I always thought the Kraken sounded unique and fitting to Seattle for the new team. 

Some fans have been tweeting ideas for a new logo and a color scheme for the jerseys of the Kraken, however following Tippett’s comments it seems like they will need to start from scratch.