Senators finally trade Patrick Sieloff... in the middle of the night.

Highly controversial player traded.

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It has not been one of the most discussed trade topics in recent weeks and in fact the name of Ottawa Senators defenseman Patrick Sieloff has not been at, or anywhere near, the top of any trade bait list but this is a trade that everyone has been expecting since prior to the start of the 2017 - 2018 National Hockey League regular season.

Now Patrick Sieloff may not be a household name to most of you but he was involved in an extremely high profile and controversial incident back in September of 2016 during training camp for the Ottawa Senators. Sieloff, a former 2nd round pick (42nd overall) of the Calgary Flames in the 2012 National Hockey League Entry Draft had spent nearly his entire career in the minors and was trying to get himself noticed during training camp for the Senators in the hopes of making the main roster. What he ended up doing however was potentially destroying any chance he ever had of making the Senators roster, and he certainly destroyed any chance he had of making inroads with the more veteran members of the Ottawa Senators locker room.

You see while trying to make a name for himself during a scrimmage between fellow Ottawa Senators teammates Sieloff delivered a big hit along the boards to one of those teammates. The hit itself was not dirty, although some have been quick to argue that it was too violent a hit for a scrimmage, and the real problem for Sieloff came with the target that he selected for that hit. Sieloff's target was none other than notoriously frail former Senators forward Clarke MacArthur, a player who honestly should not have been out on the ice that day. 

Many believe the hit from Sieloff was the final nail in the coffin of MacArthur's NHL career and given the fact that he was largely done and has since retired following the hit it's hard to disagree with that assessment. 

It was a long time coming but the Senators finally got Sieloff out of their organization, news that I'm sure comes as a tremendous relief for Sieloff himself, when they traded him in the late hours of the night last night to the Anaheim Ducks organization. Coming back the other way is 30 year old NHLer Brian Gibbons who has been down in the minors as of late and who's contract expires this year. 

Make no mistake about it, this was merely designed as a move from Dorion to get Sieloff off of his roster. The fact that Gibbons can replace some of the players he will be dealing in the next few days on his main roster until the end of the season is just an added bonus.