Senators on high alert 24/7 on trade call per team insider!

Senators on high alert 24/7 on trade call per team insider!

Imminent move in Ottawa?

Chris Gosselin

The Ottawa Senators have made it known to rival teams that they are considering all moves this offseason, including trading the seventh-overall pick.

On Wednesday night, Senators Sr. Vice President Dave Poulin spoke at the club’s first Spring Summit for season-ticket holders and stated that the Sens have spoken with other teams about the pick.

“We had interest in the (No. 7) pick,” Poulin said, per the Ottawa Citizen. “Teams will call you and say, ‘Are you interested in moving the pick?’ and you don’t know what that’s going to look like because you don’t know what’s going to be available there. You have to stay very flexible.”

Now, team insider Shawn Simpson reveals how the Senators will be manning the phones 24/7 from tonight until well into free agency. Someone will always be available to be reach for trade offers in Ottawa:

“Staios 8 to 4, Poulin 4 to 12, and Bowness 12 to 8am. GM calls flash red (High alert), staff blue, and skip the dishes white. All red calls will be conferenced in so all 3 can listen in.”

The Senators could be looking for immediate help on their roster for 2024-25 and use their top pick. The uncertainty in who could be available in the seventh slot makes it hard to guess what team could come calling for a trade.

“There are so many questions about this early group,” Poulin added. “It’s very hard to nail down. Very often you know who is going to go No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3. This group is all over the board. By all accounts, Macklin Celebrini will go No. 1 and after that it’s wide open.”

For the past few days now, Ottawa has been linked to Calgary Flames goalie Jacob Markstrom, who has also garnered the interest of the New Jersey Devils. The Senators keep evaluating the goaltending market and the seventh pick overall could come in handy.

And so, the phone lines are open, which means fans could have a trade call announcing at any moment. Literally.

Source: Simpson