Senators set embarrassing new low in attendance on Thursday

​Something has to be done…

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The Ottawa Senators hosted the Arizona Coyotes last night, and we can’t tell if it’s because it was a team with attendance problems as well, but it sure had an impact on the one at the Canadian Tire Centre… 

The Senators set an embarrassing new low in attendance with just 9762 people in the stands for the game. 

As the 2019-20 season progresses, it seems to be getting worse and worse. This does not shut down the many rumours stating the Senators should be sold to a bigger market in the future. 

The Senators have been dealing with many attendance issues, especially since owner Eugene Melnyk has messed things up with a new arena, a rumoured desire to sell the team and the unwillingness to sign top players to hefty contracts.

The Senators did recently address the problem by hiring a new CEO to run the business side of the hockey club. Jim Little was chosen to handle the overall business strategy of the organization, with a special focus on marketing and strengthening community relations.

He needs to find solutions quick! Many fans state that they will come back to attend games once Melnyk leaves the team... There's your solution!