Sens compare one of their young stars to Auston Matthews.
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Sens compare one of their young stars to Auston Matthews.

Sens throwing shade at the Leafs?

Jonathan Larivee

The Ottawa Senators took a moment to highlight how well one of their young stars is playing on Sunday, but in doing so they felt the need to include a mention of their inter provincial rivals the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Ottawa Senators forward Josh Norris has really come into his own this season with the 22 year old centerman recording 31 goals and 15 assists for 46 points in just 55 regular season games. Norris was a key piece in the trade that sent former Ottawa Senators star defenseman Erik Karlsson to the San Jose Sharks, so it is fair to say that the Senators are heavily invested in his success. Norris has continued his strong season in the month of April in spite of the fact that the Senators are not going to be a playoff team this season, with 6 goals under his belt since the start of the month.

This was what the Ottawa Senators were highlighting on Sunday when they made mention of their rivals, the Maple Leafs. Here's what they had to say via their official communications account:

With his sixth goal this month, [Senators] Josh Norris joins Auston Matthews as the only two league skaters to reach the mark since April 1.

When you take into context the rivalry between these two franchises, a rivalry that produces the Battle of Ontario every time these two teams clash on the ice, the decision to include Matthews in the message was a curious one. Where the Senators trying to downplay Matthews' recent goal scoring achievements by pointing to the fact that Josh Norris can also score at a prolific rate? Where they simply pointing out to their provincial rival that they also have a big ticket forward on their roster? Where they comparing the two young stars? Or was there something else entirely going on here?

Your guess is as good as mine but as you may have guessed the tweet has produced a few amusing responses, and there are no doubt more to come in the near future.