Sens’ Melnyk continues rampage; mercilessly slams team insider in surreal interview!

After attacking the fans, he attacks folks who spent precious time reporting on his losing team!

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Someone needs to tell Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk to shut up… the man isn’t helping his team. 

On Thursday night, Melnyk questioned whether the fans that are critical of his team are “real Senators fans,” after claiming that one of the more vocal ones was “a 12-year-old from Toronto” during a live interview with Sportsnet’s FAN 590

“The key for us, first of all, is to identify who is a Senators fan and not. I’ve had … we tripped up one of these guys and it turned out it was some little 12-year-old in Toronto who was upset with the Senators in general. I’m a high profile person that’s an easy target. Let them do what they want to do. I basically ignore 99 percent of it. For our fans that are real fans, we’re doing the best we can. All we can do is to keep doing what we’ve been doing. We’ve had a great record for the last 15 or 16 years since I bought them. We’ve been to the Stanley Cup Finals, we’ve been to the conference finals, we’ve had all-star games, we’ve had drafts, we’ve got outdoor games. We’re doing everything, more than most franchises, as far as what do for our fans.”

He wasn’t done. 

On Friday morning, as he continued his media tour, he mercilessly slammed one of the Senators’ team insider Ian Mendes of TSN as he spoke with host Bill Carroll of CFRA 6-10AM. He called TSN’s Ian Mendes 'bush league' during the interview… 

Mendes himself reacted to the comments: 

Mendes took the high road and did not attack Melnyk back. He however tweet a picture of a gift package Melnyk had sent Mendes’ daughter when she underwent brain surgery two years ago. 

He added: “I will always continue to try and see the best in people — even when we have a professional disagreement.”

The guy either needs to get out or learn to listen to the criticism of fans and the approach of team insiders who spent time away from their loved ones all season to cover the team’s wins and losses. 

And we all know in this case there are more of the latter…