Sens owner Michael Andlauer wins fans over with first move.

Sens owner Michael Andlauer wins fans over with first move.

The new owner of the Ottawa Senators is already winning over fans in a way that the former owner never could.

Jonathan Larivee

Soon to be Ottawa Senators owner Michael Andlauer hasn't even officially taken over the team yet, but he's already doing a very good job of winning over the hearts of the Senators' faithful. In fact Andlauer's very first act as the new owner of the Ottawa Senators could be one that will endear him to the fan base in a way that the previous owner never could.

That's because according to Ottawa Senators insider Bruce Garrioch, Andlauer is set to meet with one of the greatest players in the history of the Senators franchise, former Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson. Alfredsson is of course a beloved figure in the city of Ottawa and that goes double for members of the Senators fan base, but despite that love Alfredsson was notably absent from the team over a period of many years.

Many suspected that a strained relationship with former Senators owner Eugene Melnyk was the cause of Alfredsson's absence, and the fact that Alfredsson is now willing to meet the new owner would appear to lend credibility to that.

Not only is Alfredsson meeting with the new owner however, Garrioch also reports that the former Senators star is hoping to take a prominent role in the organization moving forward. Alfredsson is not only highly talented and capable, but it's hard to imagine any one individual that could serve as a better ambassador for the Ottawa Senators than arguably the most well-respected player in franchise history.

Nothing is official yet and the first meeting between the two men is expected to be an amicable one rather than a business meeting, but this is certainly a great sign for the future of the Senators organization.