Sens prospect Logan Brown had to rescue his father after he fell through some ice

Quite the horrowing tale!

Sens prospect Logan Brown had to rescue his father after he fell through some ice

It's not everyday a son has to rescue his father from serious injury and even possible death, but such is the case for Ottawa Senators prospect Logan Brown. According to a report from Matt Tidcombe, who covers the Senators' AHL affiliate in Bellville, Brown had to rescue his father from the icy waters of the Bay of Quinte in Ontario after the senior Brown had fallen through the ice. To top it all off, it happened yesterday, which was Brown's birthday!

Brown told Tidcombe the family dog had run out onto the bay to chase some geese that were in the area and fell through. The father, recognizing that the dog was in danger, ran after him when he fell through the ice as well. Brown, a 22-year-old former first round draft pick, jumped into action, running out onto the ice and pulling his father from the frigid waters. The father and the dog, named Boone, are ok.

Brown described the situation as "scary as f--k."

“I heard my Dad screaming and I was inside with Drake [Batherson, his teammate in Bellville] and I thought ‘was that my dad’ and I opened the window and sure as s--t, there’s my dog in the lake,” Brown said.

“My dad went out on his belly to pull the dog out because he was in there for a good minute. He tried to pull him out but he went in and broke through the ice too.

“He pushed the dog out and I started to run towards him but he’s yelling at me to stay back, I’m about six feet away, on my stomach trying to reach him. There was a big crack in front, so I stayed behind that and got on all fours."

Brown pulled his father out and, by the time they got back to the house, an ambulance was waiting. 

“He’s good, the dogs are good. I talked to him this morning and he’s ok. It’s just a f--ked-up story on my birthday.”

Brown was selected 11th overall by Ottawa in 2016. So far, he's played 29 games in the NHL, 23 of them coming this season. He's recorded one goal and eight assists over that span. 

It's great to hear that everyone is doing well and now Brown has a story to tell for the rest of his life!