Sens’ Smith spears Domi in the groin after “waiver taunt” from Domi

Ouch… that’s a sensitive area.

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Like father, like son.

It seems that Montreal Canadiens forward Max Domi has a way of getting under the skin of Ottawa Senators forward Zack Smith.

In case you missed it, the Habs got past the Sens 5-2 earlier this week and during the game Domi and Smith had a very healthy dislike for each other going on the entire night. In one particular display of affection, Domi appeared to be mouthing “waivers, waivers” and waving “bye bye” to Smith as he was escorted to the penalty box by officials.

Check it out:

Well, Domi and Smith faced off again this evening and… well let’s just say there’s no love lost.

Check out this exchange between the two:

On the ensuing face off Smith elected to stick Domi “where the sun don’t shine” and earned himself a two minute minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Again… no love lost and we LOVE it.