Sergei Bobrovsky lands in controversy on the first day of training camp

All because of a few comments...



It’s been a known fact around the NHL that there is anxiety when it comes to Russian players being able to return to America in time for the 2022-23 season, especially since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Earlier this summer, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said players who are currently in Russia must make “the best possible decisions for themselves and their families” when it comes to returning to North America for next season.

This was all prompted when Philadelphia Flyers goaltending prospect Ivan Fedotov was picked up by law enforcement in Russia on suspicion of evading military service and was relocated to a remote military base in northern Russia. Then, there was talk that Minnesota Wild superstar Kirill Kaprizov was wanted by police in a case involving fraudulent military ID, though it all seemed to get resolved when the player came back to America.

However, Florida Panthers goalie Sergei Bobrovsky made a comment at the opening of training camp when he stated that he didn’t want to get any politics.

That’s because he was adamant that he didn’t have any issues traveling to and from Russia this summer, and clearly he refuses to state his position towards his president, Vladimir Putin, and his decision in invade Ukraine and being close to staring WW3…

“I had a good summer. I saw friends, I saw family. It’s all been fine. I don’t want to talk about that, I’m not involved in that stuff.”

While some fans state that Bobrovsky is only trying to keep his family safe, other fans and pundits, like KHL reporter Aivis Kalniņš complain about the goalie’s lack of involvement in this scary situation.

It’s no secret that Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin has been criticized for his stand and actions in supporting Putin. As you may remember, Ovechkin was booed during a trip across Western Canada for not taking more of a stand against president Vladimir Putin. Ovechkin’s Instagram page has featured a profile photo of himself next to Putin. Back in 2017, Ovechkin founded “PutinTeam,” a social movement to show support for the country’s head of state. Earlier this summer, Ovechkin also shared a photo of him chilling with Olympic gymnast Nikita Nagorny, head of Vladimir Putin’s Youth Army…

Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Ovechkin did plead for peace.

“Please, no more war,” and added “we have to live in peace and a great world.”

But Bobrovsky does not want to get into it at all… which was people talking on the first day of training camp.

Source: David Dwork