Sergei Fedorov pulls off an insane move in the KHL.
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Sergei Fedorov pulls off an insane move in the KHL.

Fedorov's legend continues to grow.

Jonathan Larivee

The legend of Sergei Fedorov continues to grow.

In spite of the fact that his days as a professional hockey player have long since come and gone, over the weekend Fedorov once again managed to dazzle the hockey world when he took a major risk in what was CSKA Moscow's very first Kontinental Hockey League game of the season.

Fedorov, who is now the head coach of CSKA Moscow the KHL's most prominent franchise, and his team found themselves in a tie game with HC Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk after both had scored 4 goals a piece during regulation. As a result both teams found themselves heading into overtime in their first game of the season.

It was during that overtime frame that Fedorov would once again show his creative flare for the game of hockey, immediately pulling his goaltender after his team won possession of the puck off the face off. It was a big gamble on the part of the Russian superstar, one that could have easily resulted in an empty net goal for the opposing team, but Fedorov's gamble would pay off.

Fedorov's team, who very much looked like a team that had drilled this type of 4 on 3 scenario many times in practice, quickly swarmed their opposition and after some solid passing in the offensive zone found the opportunity to seal the deal. 

Given that this was something Fedorov's team appears to have practiced on several occasions, the decision to go all in here becomes much less of a gamble. This could potentially open the door to some exciting avenues for coaching decisions during 3 on 3 overtime in the regular season, and I could even envision a scenario where we could one day see something of this nature in the National Hockey League.

It's important to remember that in the NHL you've already secured a guaranteed point once regulation play has come to an end, and there could very well be coaches who would prefer to risk a chance to score with a 4 on 3 than go head to head with opposing teams in the shootout.

If this does indeed become a trend we will all have to look back on this decision from Fedorov as the potential catalyst.