Serious accusation from Senators’ owner towards the NHL!
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Serious accusation from Senators’ owner towards the NHL!




On Wednesday, Ottawa Senators owner Michael Andlauer announced that Pierre Dorion has resigned as team’s general manager and that president of hockey operations Steve Staios would take over as interim general manager for the time being.

Andlauer did not hold back in his press conference when reacting to the sanction from the Dadonov aborted trade.

"My first 30 days as owner of the Ottawa Senators has exceeded all expectations," Andlauer said. “Unfortunately our last 10 days have not been as much fun for me."

“The 73 page report that the NHL shared with me this week showed that the actions were negligent in nature by our hockey club. This set off events that embarrassed the league and pissed off two hockey clubs.”

He also explained that the league’s punishment on the aborted Dadonov trade was added to the mess in which the Sens complicated their cap space on their own that led to restricted free agent forward Shane Pinto remaining unsigned into the season. Last week, Pinto was subsequently suspended 41 games sports betting activity.

The report on Dadonov was the last straw for Dorion.

However, Andlauer also blames the NHL and deliver some serious actions when commenting that it took the league so long to render a decision on the Dadonov mess and Pinto’s suspension. When asked why it took so long for the league to issue a ruling, the owner said that was something to ask the NHL, but, he who put up a record price at nearly $1 billion when he purchased the Senators earlier this campaign, wonders if the NHL waited this long in order to keep a steep price on the franchise.

“Maybe they didn’t want to disrupt [it] to make sure the seller got the best price possible.”

I totally get why Andlauer is upset with the league’s decisions. While he is making the right call in parting ways with Dorion and replacing him right away with Staios, the Senators’ owner could get some heat for his comments…

“Why I inherited this is beyond me. There is no reason for it to last that long.”

Let’s hope for brighter days in Ottawa for Andlauer and the Senators…

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