Serious accusations against Darryl Sutter emerge as disturbing details on his firing are revealed!
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Serious accusations against Darryl Sutter emerge as disturbing details on his firing are revealed!

Holy crap. This is serious. The disturbing details are now out:



It was almost expected when Darryl Sutter was fired as head coach of the Calgary Flames right after the season ended. But the details behind his firing that have come out on Friday morning are not what we could ever imagine.

On Friday morning, Katie Strang, Julian McKenzie and Hailey Salvian put together a brilliant piece pf journalism for the Athletic, revealing details that led to Sutter getting fired by the Flames. The way he treated his players is simply unacceptable, which led to the Flames launching internal investigation on Sutter. This is from the Athletic’s article:

"He made derisive comments, both publicly and privately, seemingly to single out players and in some cases, to embarrass them. In November, the franchise launched an internal investigation to probe an incident after Sutter allegedly made physical contact with a player on the bench during a game. Sutter’s relationship with general manager Brad Treliving, who brought Sutter to Calgary in 2021, reportedly deteriorated to the point that it played a role in Treliving’s decision to leave the organization after the season concluded.

"On Oct. 29, in his postgame press conference following a 3-2 loss to Edmonton, Sutter was asked about Huberdeau leaving the ice during the game. Sutter told the media it was because Huberdeau “had to go take a sh–.” (Huberdeau actually left the ice because he tweaked something in his lower body).

"That loss was the beginning of a seven-game skid, and Sutter’s berating and erratic behavior increased. By November, the team became aware of an incident in which he was alleged to have made physical contact with a player on the bench during a game, according to three league sources, who were granted anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about the matter. Players and staff members were interviewed about the alleged incident. According to multiple league sources, the player told his teammates he did not find the contact to have crossed a line and did not want to see the matter escalated. (The player did not return The Athletic’s request to speak with him)."

These are serious accusations towards Sutter, which he denies.

“Pretty clear that everyone that knows me (knows) that none of that is true, disappointing to hear,” he wrote in a text message.

More hints and comments were made here and there by Flames’ players about Darryl’s behaviour. “In a podcast appearance after the season, Weegar said most of the players had a story involving an altercation with Sutter. He described shouting matches between Sutter and Backlund — the team’s longest-tenured player who was drafted by Sutter in 2007 — on the bench, punctuated by a flurry of back-and-forth “f— you’s.”

The article is full of examples of disrespectful conduct from Sutter and it makes it clear that Treliving’s strained relationship with Sutter played a part in his departure.

This is worth the read as it will be a hot topic in the NHL for days to come:

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