Sestito gets dropped with one, lightning fast, punch.

Good night!

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This is a case of a grown man not knowing something he should have learned a long time ago, don't act or talk like you want a fight unless you're 100% ready for a fight.

Former National Hockey League player Tom Sestito probably thought he could jaw-jack or posture his way out of a confrontation with Nikolai Lemtygov in the KHL, he was very, very wrong. Lemtygov instead showed him no mercy and dropped him with a lightning fast punch.

When I first watched this, I incorrectly concluded Lemtygov had sucker punched Sestito but upon further review you can clearly see Sestito make a motion that would have signalled to Lemtygov he was dropping his gloves

Unfortunately for Sestito Lemtygov wasn't interested in talking or posturing.