Seth Jones' comments rub fans in Chicago the wrong way.
Chris Vosters  

Seth Jones' comments rub fans in Chicago the wrong way.

Seth Jones didn't exactly endear himself to his fan base during Saturday's media availability.

Jonathan Larivee

The Chicago Blackhawks held their exit interviews on Saturday and although some players on the roster may have left a good impression with their comments, veteran defenseman Seth Jones does not appear to be among that group. Instead Jones has rubbed some fans the wrong way with comments about about his tenure in Chicago and the direction of the team.

Jones, who is now wrapping up his third season on the Blackhawks blue line, expressed his displeasure at the fact that he was on a team going through a long term rebuild. Jones added that it wasn't what he had initially signed up for when he signed his deal with former Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman in the summer of 2021, going so far as to suggesting he may not have agreed to the deal if he could have predicted the future.

"If I could have seen 3 months into the future (when I got here)…I didn’t want to be in a rebuild when I left Columbus…we want to be one of those teams that are all on the same page, working towards a common goal. Everyone wants winners."

As you might expect with comments of this nature, especially from the highest paid player on the roster, they haven't exactly gone over smoothly with some of the fans in Chicago who have just been through a pretty ugly season with their team. Here's a look at some of the more popular responses to Jones' comments today:

Even those willing to show a little more empathy to Jones after 3 difficult seasons in Chicago were critical of his comments, with most appearing to believe that a change of scenery may be in order.

A tough way for Jones to wrap up what was already a tough season.