Shane Doan: No Musical Talent At All

Shane Doan has no musical talent at all, but the Phoenix Symphony couldn't care less.

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Hollywood has a tendency to arguably make talentless and undeserving musicians rich.


Luckily for NHL player Shane Doan, the maestro-to-be will not earn anything for his upcoming challenge. The Phoenix Symphony’s performance of the “Star-Spangled Banner” this upcoming Friday night will be conducted by none other than Doan himself:


“… They reached out to me to do this. At first I thought maybe they’d dialed the wrong number because I have absolutely zero, and I mean ZERO musical skills. I can’t carry a note whatsoever, I can't keep tempo and I'm tone deaf. I can't even whistle or hum. But I'm very honored and excited to do this. Hopefully it will be something that's fun for everyone involved,” he told the Coyotes’ official website.