Shane Doan reveals the epic prank that turned his “junk” purple for 5 days.

Shane Doan looked like Barney for a few days.


Anyone that has played any level of competitive hockey knows that one of the things you can expect inside the locker room is a good prank. Not every locker room will have its own prankster but many do, and when you get to the highest levels of the game you also get to witness the highest levels of pranking.

On a recent episode of the Spittin Chiclets podcast, beloved former National Hockey League forward Shane Doan shared a story about a rather insane prank that left the Arizona Coyotes seeing purple. The story begins with Doan telling the tale of how one teammate pranked him, but never received any satisfaction for his evil deed.

"So he got me the first time. So he gets me with the 'purple people eater' and he puts it in my jock," said Doan on the podcast. "It's this purple dye that you put on money and if you put it on the money it turns anything that is sweating or anything just, not like a little purple, but your full on dipped your hands in purple paint. It looks like you spray painted your hands purple, its unreal how good it works. So he puts it in my jock and I come off the ice, I'm the last guy off the ice, and I take my underwear off and I'm like 'WTF, oh my goodness!'" 

Hearing Doan describe the impact this had on his "junk" left me in tears.

"Purple, purple. All my junk is purple, purple. Not like a little purple, but full on purple! I'm like 'Are you kidding me?"'"

Not Doan didn't want to give the prankster the satisfaction of seeing his purple junk, so he simply waited in the locker room until everyone had cleared out. The downside of course was that the purple dye lasted for days.

"It last for like 5 days, and everyday I outwaited him so he never saw. So he didn't think he got me."

Unfortunately for Doan, this resulted in a massive escalation in the pranking with the man behind the prank turning the tables on Doan and making him look like the bad guy.

"So then he did it to the whole team, but he put it in everyone's gloves. He didn't realize that he put the right amount in for me, but he put 10x the amount in everyone's gloves," said Down with a huge smile on his face. "Everyone is banging their gloves out and it is getting in the air, and people are walking through it and turning purple and it's like this mist. Everyone is purple, jerseys are purple, [the trainers] are losing it."

According to Doan the cleaning bill after this prank was a whopping $15,000 for the Arizona Coyotes, and at least for a while it was Doan who was having the finger of blame pointed in his direction. The prankster had actually perfectly set up Doan to take the fall.

"He does it to everyone including himself, except for me," said Doan while cracking up.

Doan goes on to admit that it took a whopping 5 years before he finally learned the identity of the man behind the prank, and it sounds like two players deserve some credit here. According to Doan it was former Coyotes defenseman Todd Simpson who actually executed the dastardly deed, but the idea apparently came from none other than former NHL forward Ray Whitney.

No doubt there were some angry people on the receiving end of this prank at the time, but what an amazing story they can all tell years later.