Sharks accuse Crosby of cheating, say the NHL is looking the other way.

Big accusations start flying from San Jose.

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The San Jose Sharks have just called out the Pittsburgh Penguins captain and the National Hockey League in a major way.

According to a report from senior ESPN reporter Craig Custance San Jose Sharks forward Logan Couture has accused Sidney Crosby of cheating. Couture reportedly told Custance that Crosby cheats on faceoffs and furthermore that despite it being obvious the NHL let's him get away with it because of who he is.

“He times them & they don’t kick him out for some reason probably because of who he is.”

Crosby won the faceoff that led to the overtime winner, and won a whopping 71 percent of his faceoffs in Game 2, although whether that is a result of his skill or proof of Couture's accusations is up for debate.

Even if true, the argument could be made that this kind of accusation coming out after an 0-2 deficit in the series makes Couture look worse than it does Crosby.