Sharks head coach appears to indicate he thinks Penguins are flopping.

Sharks head coach feels there was some flopping going on.

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The San Jose Sharks head coach is not usually one for controversy, but a late penalty call in Game 4 didn't sit well with Peter DeBoer, and while he didn't have much to say on the topic he did make it known he wasn't happy.

According to a report from NBC Sports, DeBoer was asked during the post-game press conference if he felt Eric Fehr had flopped for a penalty that was called on San Jose's Melker Karlsson.

Q: Coach, the penalty on Melker that led to the goal, it looked like the guy kind of flopped. How did you see it?

DeBoer: Probably the same way you did.

It turned out to be a critical call, and it's a relatively mild response all things considered, but it's a rare moment from the usually cool DeBoer.