Sharks lose major piece of the staff!

This is actually quite surprising.

Sharks lose major piece of the staff!

Hockey is a tough world. You never know when your contract will be terminated and you will be fired. Of course, all the workers of the industry know it, but it's still never easy to receive the dreaded phone call that basically says ''Pack you sh**''. 

Sharks' associated coach Larry Robinson suffered exactly that fate today, when he was fired by the organization. Although some blame could be put on him, it's still surprising to see him go. However, rumors are already in full swing on the wonderful world of the internet. 

As it is often the case, the rumor makes sense at face value. Robinson used to play in Montreal and his beloved by the fans. He's one of the greatest defenseman the Habs ever had and he could surely help on that side of things in Montreal. Of course, there are 31 teams now in the league and the Canadiens are only one of them, but if it happens, you willl have heard it here first!