Sharks win Game 3 in OT on illegal goal, Binnington smashes his stick against the glass in disgust

Surprise, surprise… NHL referees under fire once again.

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If you missed Game 3 of the Western Conference Final between the San Jose Sharks and St. Louis Blues you missed an absolute classic game… that just so happened to end with an unfortunate goal.

Sharks blue liner Erik Karlsson, who scored his first goal of the postseason to open the game’s scoring, ended the game in OT. The problem? Karlsson was the recipient of a blatant hand pass from teammate Timo Meier.

Up first, the goal:

And the hand pass:

Yikes… that’s…. that’s pretty blatant.

As you might expect, Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington was NOT happy. 

Man… you have to feel for Blues fans right now. A complete and total missed call… no way of sugarcoating.