Shattenkirk gets philosophical following Playoffs exit.

He understands it all.

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It's been well documented since the Capitals were kicked out of the Playoffs by the Penguins on Wednesday. A lot of discussion surrounded the Caps, mostly about their history as underachievers in the post-season tournament. It's hard to argue the facts, but sometimes it feels the Caps are unfairly criticized. 

Today was locker cleanup day and Kevin Shattenkirk was asked about how he felt carrying the historical burden on his shoulder for a few weeks. 

It's quite interesting to read his point of view. Shattenkirk just recently arrived in Washington and he already has a thorough grasp of the situation there. The parallel with Bowmeester is also perfectly on point. 

Hopefully, this fresh round of disappointment will trigger the necessary changes in the Caps mentality and unlock the doors to greatness.