Shea Weber one-times his own rebound out of midair!

Holy crap.

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If you're Montreal Canadiens defenseman Shea Weber this is a pretty awesome moment, but if you're on the opposing team this has to make you feel a little hopeless. 

On Saturday night Weber and the Montreal Canadiens faced off against the Los Angeles Kings, welcoming the boys from California to the chilly freezing temperatures of Montreal. The Kings, who currently sit dead last in the National Hockey League's Pacific Division, were coming into this one desperate for a win after picking up just 3 total victories in their last 10 games, but unfortunately for the Kings they put themselves in a hole early on. The Kings were undisciplined and found themselves shorthanded in the game's very first period, and thanks to an outstanding play for the aforementioned Shea Weber that would cost them dearly. 

The Habs were on the power play and as is often the case they were looking to feed Weber the puck near the blue line to allow him to unleash his devastating slap shot, and that is exactly what the veteran defenseman did. Weber actually fired two shots on this play after being set up by Habs forward Max Domi, the first of which Los Angeles Kings defenseman Matt Roy took right off the inside of his knee. The block from Roy looked particularly painful and the Kings blue liner was slow to get back to his feet, but Weber would only add insult to that injury. 

You see the puck went flying after making contact with Roy, spinning high up into the air in the process. The puck however would never again touch the ice on that play because Weber was tracking it the whole time and eventually took a second swing at it in mid air. Weber somehow managed to get another shot off as the puck was spinning back down to the ice and not only did he get the shot off but it managed to find its way into the game of the Los Angeles Kings' net. This resulted in a spectacular goal for the Habs, and what has to be a demoralizing one for the Los Angeles Kings, one made all the more special due to the fact that it is the 100th power play goal of Shea Weber's NHL career.