Shea Weber reportedly injured his own teammate at the World Cup.

This is a strange story.

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So this is a bit of a strange story.

Yesterday it was revealed that Colorado Avalanche forward Matt Duchene had put on an incredibly gutsy performance at the World Cup of Hockey by playing through a separated shoulder to hoist the championship for Canada, but how he suffered that injury was initially unclear. However Duchene has now revealed the injury was caused by teammate Shea Weber.

"It was the last drill in practice the day before the Russia game," said Duchene as per ESPN's Pierre Lebrun. "We were just doing a 2-on-2 battle drill. I barely got bumped. The puck got cycled back to me behind the net, and I think it was Shea Weber who bumped me. But he barely bumped me, he kind of just pinned me. And just the way I went in, my shoulder pad slid, I think. And I hit my AC joint right on the divider in the glass. Immediately I felt a shock of pain.''

Based on Duchene's description of the event it's clear he's trying to mitigate the potential backlash on Weber for injuring a teammate in practice, but despite those comments it's fair to raise some questions about Weber's decision to hit Duchene. One thing is certain, the Colorado Avalanche won't be happy about this one.