Sheldon Keefe calls out Max Domi over Game 1 performance.

Sheldon Keefe calls out Max Domi over Game 1 performance.

The head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs was not happy with the young Domi after Game 1.

Jonathan Larivee

There's no denying the fact that Toronto Maple Leafs forward Max Domi was making a concerted effort to get under the skin of Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand in Game 1 of their first round Stanley Cup playoff series, but there's also no denying the fact that he failed to do so.

Although there's still plenty of hockey to be played in this series, the only person whose skin Domi seemed to get under after the first game of the series was that of his own head coach. Domi's undisciplined play certainly did not go unnoticed and was specifically called out by Keefe following the tough loss for the Maple Leafs in Game 1.

"Domi's penalty obviously is the one that I would call an undisciplined penalty," said Keefe specifically calling out Domi by name. "I understand what he's trying to do, but he crossed the line there, and can't do that."

The penalty that Keefe is referring to here was a slash from Domi delivered to the wrist of Bruins captain Brad Marchand, one that would result in a power play opportunity for the Bruins which would in turn lead to a Bruins goal. Here's a look at the replay of that incident:

Domi will of course have many chances to redeem himself in the eyes of his coach throughout this series, but there's no question that Sheldon Keefe isn't happy with his performance after Game 1.