Sheldon Keefe names his goaltender after weekend debacle.
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Sheldon Keefe names his goaltender after weekend debacle.

Sheldon Keefe has made a decision after a bad night of goaltending from the Maple Leafs on Saturday.

Jonathan Larivee

The Toronto Maple Leafs will ride the hot hand.

The Maple Leafs received some very poor goaltending from starting goaltender Ilya Samsonov on Saturday when they faced the Tampa Bay Lightning. Samsonov would allow 3 goals on just 4 shots, bringing his goals against average to 4.34 and save percentage to .831 for the season thus far, but fortunately for the Maple Leafs they were bailed out by solid play from backup goaltender Joseph Woll.

Given that Woll had to step into goal on what was supposed to be a night off, and given the fact that Samsonov played just 13 minutes of hockey, you might have expected Keefe to go back to his starter when the Leafs play the Washington Capitals on Tuesday but that will not be the case.

Following Samsonov's regrettable performance, Keefe announced that he would go back to Joseph Woll on Tuesday citing the fact that it had always been the plan for Woll to face the Capitals. That may very well be the case, but one has to wonder how much the respective performances from each goaltender played a factor in Keefe sticking with the plan.

Although Woll has a much smaller sample size this season there's no question he has been the better goaltender, with a 1.69 goals against average and a .949 save percentage on the season thus far. When asked if the decision to go back to Woll was to push Samsonov to play better, Keefe's answer was very telling.

"Oh, he's pushing," said Keefe of Samsonov.

Only time will tell if Woll continues to get more starts based on his solid performance thus far this season, and based in part on Samsonov's lack thereof.