Sheldon Keefe once again embarrasses his star players

Keefe continues to send a message.



While the good news for the Toronto Maple Leafs is that they were able to eventually emerge victorious over the visiting Winnipeg Jets during last night's game at Scotiabank Arena, the concerning news is that head coach Sheldon Keefe once again sent a message of tough love to his star players. 

After a careless pass from Auston Matthews led directly to a shorthanded 2-on-0 opportunity for the Jets that goaltender Ilya Samsonov would shut down in a series of excellent saves, Keefe would bench the top power play unit as punishment.

Meanwhile, Keefe was seen on the bench hopping mad at the blunder that the team's goaltender had to bail them out of:

Afterward, Keefe stated that it simply isn't acceptable for a defensive breakdown like that on a power play opportunity. 

"They make a mistake in that spot. It is a chance for me to hold them accountable and get some other guys involved. Those guys have been excellent for us and carried the mail a lot of times for us. Tonight, they made a mistake, and others had to get a chance." 

"Obviously not good enough. We know that. We've been here for a long time. To give that (2-on-0) up, especially on a power play in a game like that, it's unacceptable."

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