Sheldon Keefe reveals harsh reality of Toronto

The new Devils coach has the fans talking with his latest comments.

Michael W.

The Toronto Maple Leafs failed to advance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs yet again, and head coach Sheldon Keefe paid for it with his job. It wouldn't be long before he would land another gig, as the New Jersey Devils immediately came calling.

Earlier this month, he was officially hired in New Jersey and is now the full-time successor for Lindy Ruff, who was terminated during the season and replaced on an interim basis by Travis Green. 

And it's a recent comment by Keefe that has the fans talking. Most hockey fans know that the Maple Leafs have arguably the biggest media microscope constantly glaring upon them, and it's actually been cited as a reason why many players decide not to pursue playing with the Leafs. 

According to Keefe, he's now coaching in the "real" NHL with the Devils owing to the unique media situation in hockey's biggest hotbed. 

"It was a tremendous honour to coach the Maple Leafs," he said. "There's a lot that goes into that. I've had a number of well-established coaches in the league reach out to say I should be happy now that I get to coach in the real NHL. Toronto is quite unique, it's not like the rest of the League." 

Regardless of how things ended with the Leafs, Keefe is looking forward to his new opportunity with the Devils, who advanced to the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs last year but failed to qualify this year.

“I had to move on and was told to move on, but now I have another opportunity to start fresh (with a) new organization. I’m excited about it," he said.

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