Shocking detail emerges about Kovalchuk stay in the KHL.

It's just so surprising.

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If we can say one thing for certain about Ilya Kovalchuk, is that he loves the attention and the drama surrounding his potential return to the NHL. The star forward has been in the KHL for years and hinted at a possible return in the NHL and all the fans went crazy, positively or not. 

However, according to a NHL insider, Kovalchuk was not exactly the hottest commodity in the league. 

Not. A. Single. Offer. That tells a lot! Granted, his reputation is not the best, but Kovalchuk still remains one of the most skilled forwards in the world. Rumors had that the Devils demands were through the roof, but the fact the team didn't receive an offer confirms it must have been crazy. 

Kovalchuk will be playing a year in the KHL and attain the UFA status. It's a safe guess he will be testing the NHL market once more next year.