Shocking Panthers injury update following brutal postseason!
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Shocking Panthers injury update following brutal postseason!

So many players are out long-term following many injuries during their stunning Stanley Cup run…



Defenseman Brandon Montour is one of many Florida Panthers players that ended up getting injured during the team’s impressive postseason run. However, Montour revealed to Cam Janssen and Andy Strickland on the Cam and Strick Podcast the struggles he faced when he was first injured, but pushed through to stick with the Panthers all the way to the Stanley Cup Final.

Montour is recovering from shoulder surgery and revealed how it first happened sometime during the regular season.

However at that time, it was only a partial tear.

“It was sore, but nothing crazy where I had to really notice about it,” he said. “We left it for a little bit and then I started getting used to it.”

He pushed and pushed, and unfortunately, the shoulder couldn’t keep up when the Panthers met the Vegas Golden Knights in the Final.

“At that point I just said we have to figure something out here,” Montour said. “I wasn’t expecting it to be completely torn, we did an MRI and X-rays, then I had five phone calls coming back home (from Vegas) from our docs and trainers that we have to get surgery.

“I was just kind of confused about it, but I’m just like let’s get through this series, we have five or six games left, and worry about it after.”

Unbelievable. Montour played injured and then he had the surgery the Friday after Florida’s last game, which was Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final in Vegas on Tuesday, June 13.

“I told my trainers right away, ‘Let’s get this surgery done and get this going,’” Montour said.

Now, the blue liner is focusing on recovery and is hoping to get back on the ice “sometime in September.”

“It’s feeling pretty good and I’d like to push it if I could, but obviously I’ll be smart about it,” he said.

Smarter than playing injured in the last games… But we get it.

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