Shocking proposal would see Bruins trade Brad Marchand

Talk about a franchise-altering move.



The Boston Bruins, who broke multiple records during a historic 2022-23 regular season that saw them capture the title of winningest team ever with 65 victories, found out in brutal fashion that regular season success means absolutely nothing once the postseason begins. 

Their season was ended after running into a brick wall called the Florida Panthers led by goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky and forward Matthew Tkachuk, who eliminated them in what was truly a heartbreaking seven game series for Boston and their fans. And now, what awaits them is an offseason filled with speculation and potential major changes that could also see a franchise icon and legend hang up the skates. 

All eyes are now on Patrice Bergeron as well as fellow Bruins veteran mainstay David Krejci, both of whom just completed one-year contracts. Will they be back for another season? Right now, that's completely up in the air. But should Bergeron ultimately decide to hang up the skates, one Boston radio host believes the time would be right to make a franchise-altering deal. 

Per WEEI host Adam Jones, the Bruins should trade Brad Marchand if Bergeron calls it a career in order to land a major haul in return.

“If he [Bergeron] doesn’t come back, this Bruins team is not winning a Cup next year," Jones said. "You don’t have a number one center,” he said. “And I promise you they don’t have the resources to go get another one and still have a great team around him. In that situation, if you’re not winning and Bergeron’s gone, I would sell high on Brad Marchand. Why? Because you need to start collecting draft collateral and prospects and anything that you can for the future of this team."

"I would be very open to trying to sell high on Brad Marchand and a couple other older, veteran players if you find out your number one center isn’t coming back and your team’s strapped for cash anyway.”

Marchand was a rookie on the 2010-11 Stanley Cup squad, and has grown not only into one of Boston's best players, but one of the best pests in the NHL today. Just what kind of return could Bruins GM Don Sweeny net in a potential deal? Should he even consider it? 

Source: Audacy