Shocking trade rumor involving one of the NHL's biggest stars.

Insane trade rumor involving one of the NHL's top stars.

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One hockey writer has suggested an absolutely outlandish trade, and while it's highly unlikely to ever materialize for several reasons, including the losing GM destroying his reputation, it's an extremely interesting proposition.

After another disappointing run in the Stanley Cup playoffs ESPN writer Rob Vollman is suggesting the Washington Capitals could part ways with their franchise player for a blockbuster offer, Vollman's article is exclusive to ESPN Insider members and is therefore behind a paywall.

Here's an excerpt from Vollman's report:

To make a serious offer for Ovechkin, a trade partner is going to need a spare $9.5 million in cap space, and the available prospects and draft picks required to get him.

To make Ovechkin's acquisition worthwhile, this team will also need a great playmaker to set him up, and have the need for a top-line left winger who can provide some extra scoring, especially on the power play. And, obviously, it doesn't make sense for Ovechkin to head anywhere that isn't ready to compete for the Stanley Cup within a season or two.

Vollman believes the Winnipeg Jets are the team who are in the best position to make the kind of offer required to secure Ovechkin, and he pointed to their second overall pick in this years draft has a key component of that deal. Vollman also points to the lack of a top tier left winger on the Jets line up as well as a lack of scoring, especially on the power play, as motivating factors for this deal.

The top two picks in this year's draft, Auston Matthews and Patrik Laine, are both projected to be franchise players' and it's far more likely the Jets decide to keep whatever young star in the making they draft then trade him away, and it's unlikely the Capitals risk moving a proven commodity for an unknown, but it's certainly an interesting suggestion from Vollman.