Shocking update on Jaromir Jagr from the legend himself.

Jagr shares details of his free agency.

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We have a stunning update from Jaromir Jagr himself. 

Jagr has reportedly been in a tough negotiation with the Florida Panthers when it comes to a new contract, with the Panthers reportedly looking to get Jagr at a discount, while Jagr himself wants to maintain his current salary.

However, it sounds like the Panthers may have all the leverage here, as Jagr has just made a stunning confession on social media, one that could frankly damage his negotiating power with the Panthers. 

According to Jagr a grand total of 0 National Hockey League teams have contacted him about signing him as a free-agent this summer, indicating that the Panthers may be the only place for Jagr to play if he wants to remain in the NHL.

Jagr put up 16 goals and 30 assists for 46 points in 82 games last season, and it's surprising that teams aren't at all interested in that kind of production, as well as a very easy marketing opportunity.