Sidney Crosby absent from practice on Sunday.

Crosby missing on Sunday.

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Fans in Pittsburgh may, understandably, be starting to sweat a little.

There was a ton of mystery surrounding the early departure of Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby from practice on Saturday but, due to the National Hockey League's new rules on information surrounding player health, the only thing fans and pundits could do was speculate on the motivations behind that departure. There was concern but Penguins teammate Connor Sheary appeared to downplay the whole situation so those concerns died down relatively quickly.

"I don’t even need to touch on that. I think it’s just a maintenance thing. I don’t think it’s anything,” said Sheary on Saturday.

Now however those alarm bells may be ringing again with reports that Crosby has missed practice on Sunday as well following that early departure a day earlier. There is of course no telling what is actually going on with Crosby due to the NHL's moratorium on injury and illness reports but with Crosby now missing a full day of training camp there will no doubt be a large number of very interested eyeballs keeping a close eye on how this progresses over the next several days.

The Penguins participated in their first day of scrimmage on Saturday, a scrimmage that Crosby himself participated in, and something may have happened while the Penguins were playing the game at full speed that caused him some minor discomfort and now they are just playing it safe. If Crosby continues to miss time however the concerns surround his health will only grow, especially considering the playoffs are now less than two weeks away.