Sidney Crosby and Connor Bedard reunited in close quarters!

The NHL Tour made sure this was going to happen!



The NHL Media Tour is here with the 2023-24 season just around the corner. It was the perfect opportunity for the league to get Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and recent first overall pick Connor Bedard of the Chicago Blackhawks in the same room.

The NHL was cutting videos and promos in Las Vegas on Tuesday and placed Crosby and Bedard together, sharing an interview in studios.

Images of the setup were posted on X by the Blackhawks, on which we can get both star players having a friendly chat.

However, it was back to business and a hint of competition right after. ESPN commentator John Buccigross posted an image of Crosby and Bedard sharing the ice, probably for promotions purposes.

But it sure gives fans a preview of what’s to come being the two top forwards this upcoming season.

Bedard’s NHL debut is expected to take place when his Blackhawks square off on October 10 for the Penguins home opener.

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