Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon spoke about playing together on recent golf trip

Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon spoke about playing together on recent golf trip

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Chris Gosselin

The 4 Nations Face-Off is set for February 2025, and in the meantime, fans have had a lot of fun predicting rosters for Canada, Finland, Sweden and the United States. On June 28, all four nations will announce the first six players who will play in the tournament. Though for Canada, it seems like there are already some locks, including both Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and Colorado Avalanche superstar Nathan MacKinnon.

The two friends from Nova Scotia have already spoken about the possibility of playing together - and we are not hinting at a potential trade sending Crosby to Denver in the last season of his NHL career. The two star forwards will have a chance at being on the same roster for Canada, and MacKinnon even revealed during a TSN 1050 interview how he and Crosby discussed Four Nations Face-off lines and power play units on a recent golf trip.

MacKinnon said it would “be my little kid in me” to play on Crosby’s wing for the tournament.

It also feels pretty obvious that Edmonton Oilers’ captain Connor McDavid and Avalanche defenseman Cale Makar will join MacKinnon and Crosby as locks for Team Canada.

Getting Crosby on the roster next to MacKinnon will have fans able to watch him play with great chemistry with his close friend, and can you imagine the show we will get to watch as the Pens’ captain gets a shot playing with fellow generational talent McDavid?

This is very exciting and the fact that both Crobsy and MacKinnon are already talking about the tournament and line possibilities, it shows how fans aren’t the only thrilled about the 4 Nations Face-Off.

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