Sidney Crosby caught in feud between Pat McAfee and Frank Seravalli!

Sidney Crosby caught in feud between Pat McAfee and Frank Seravalli!

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When the celebrations for the 2024 All-Star Weekend got underway in Toronto on Thursday, everyone noticed that Sidney Crosby, the Pittsburgh Penguins’ sole representative for the event was missing. The Pens’ captain was absent from the Players’ Draft and sent was represented at the draft by a youth Timbits hockey player when he was selected by Nathan MacKinnon. It was later revealed that Crosby was skating in Montana that day.

Insider Frank Seravalli went on to rip Crosby for skipping the All-Star Draft. During the “Garbage Time” segment of his show, Seravalli said it’s wrong that Crosby can skip out on All-Star activities and not get any pushback for his absence.

“I think it’s garbage that year-in and year-out at All-Star weekend that when he decides to show up and play, Sidney Crosby doesn’t get more heat from anyone,” Seravalli said. “No one’s ever critical of Sidney Crosby.”

“Why is it that every other NHL All-Star can show up and participate in the player draft, but Sidney Crosby doesn’t, and no one says boo about it.”

None other than Pat McAfee came to the defense of Crosby following Seravalli’s viral rant. He spoke about the insider’s reaction with former NHL defenseman P.K. Subban on his podcast. And McAfee certainly did not hold back.

“Who’s that Canadian, Frank? What was that? That thing’s name? Frankie is the guy who talks sh*t about Sidney. Ah, Seravalli, that guy. P.K. tell him he needs to go in and keep his trap shut when he’s talking about Sidney Crosby, Okay.”

I can only agree with McAfee on this one. Crosby was not even part of the All-Star Skills competition and came in as a guess passer during one of the challenges. He gave interviews and spent time with all players and a lot of fans, as he remains the face of the franchise.

As part of the Team MacKinnon, Crosby put up two assists, but his club lost to Team McDavid in the semifinal. In the final, Team Auston Matthews beat Team McDavid 7-4 and took home $1 million.

McAfee is right, don’t talk crap about Sid, Frank.

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