Sidney Crosby fires back at P.K. Subban after he publicly made a “Cocky” prediction.

The captain fires back!

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The captain fires back! 

In his post-game interview, P.K. Subban made a cocky prediction following game 2. Multiple times he repeated no matter what, the Predators will win the next game and they’ve got to move on from there.

We’re going to win the next game.” Said PK Subban as he guaranteed a Game 3 win for the Nashville predators.

Asked on how he will manage Pittsburgh Penguins’ captain Sidney Crosby, Subban answered, “Every time he’s on the ice I’m going to be in his face and he’s not going to like it. And that’ll continue every time…

Crosby answered back at P.K. Subban by saying they did not talk about Subban’s comment in the locker room and at “This time of year, there’s no shortage in motivation. We know we’ve got to be ready for tomorrow.”

Clearly, the captain doesn’t care at all about what P.K. Subban says off the ice