Sidney Crosby is not in the clear yet…

​Good news, bad news. Which do you want first?

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Pittsburgh Penguins fans exhaled a much needed sigh of relief on Wednesday when star player Sidney Crosby skated prior to practice after missing three days.

Ever since his departure from the Saturday’s intra-squad scrimmage, fans and pundits were wondering what was wrong with the Pens’ captain and of course, no update had been provided per the current NHL Return to Play protocol, which says clubs are not permitted to disclose player injury and/or illness information.

Finally on Wednesday, Crosby was back on the ice, which is the good news in this situation, however, things remain vague when it comes to the Penguins’ best player. He’s not totally in the clear just yet as Crosby didn’t join the team for any group drills following his solo skate.

However, assistant coach Jacques Martin held an interview in French with RDS, and ended up saying a little more on his star player’s status. While Martin appeared to be aware of the NHL Return to Play protocol, he still ended up giving an update on Crosby, which appears to be quite positive for all Pens fans out there.

“The NHL Return to Play protocol forces us to remain quiet on the nature of injuries, however, I think I am allowed to say whilst trying to respect the rules that there is no worries when it comes to Crosby’s health and that he should join us back in practice in the next few days. There is still a lot of time left before our first game against the Canadiens on August 1st.”

We hope Martin was not just talking about individual skating, but also pointing out that Crosby could join his teammates back shortly. 

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.